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Video: Advice on staying safe in the hospital–from the experts

Watch this video of their advice on how to stay safe in the hospital. See what Consumer Reports Health recommends for staying safe in the hospital. (Click... Read More

Why is so little known about Medical Harm?

“Although estimated to be the third leading cause of death in the U.S., surprisingly little is done to measure, study and address the full spectrum... Read More

“Swedish Double-booked Surgeries and the Patients Don’t Know!”

Ongoing “Quantity of Care” investigation into questionable practices at local hospitals. The articles shines a light on surgery, safety... Read More

Next WAPS public meeting – June 24th – 10 Am to Noon

  The next WAPS public meeting will be on June 24th from 10 AM to Noon at the Mercer Island Library (Small Conference Room).  Please come join... Read More